Participant Feedback for Build High Performance with Appreciative Leadership

“The Appreciative Leadership workshop provided me with some amazing tools and ideas for being a more effective leader.  In addition these concepts can be used in your personal life as well.  I was a bit reluctant to spend two full days out of the office but in the end I was extremely glad that I did.  Tenny took the class through a process that builds on each step allowing us to create our own personal vison for more effective leadership.  I enjoyed every step of the workshop and highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a positive approach to leadership in business and their personal life.”  

                                                                                                                                                  William A. Wood, CFP®Founder and Partner

“Tenny guided us through the one fundamental life model that makes all other unnecessary or irrelevant.  The Appreciative Leadership lens will redefine how you learn and grow.  This model will transform you, and all those you love. This is the paradigm shift you’ve been looking for.”

Brian Arandez, CSO, Maroon Vault

 “Appreciative Leadership was eye opening and inspiring!  I’m thrilled to go back to my organization and start implementing appreciative inquiry and all of the “I’s.”  I am certain this training has permanently and positively altered my perspective on Leadership and on life. Thank you!”
Megan Lacy, Design Engineer, Gentex Corporation

“Appreciative Inquiry is an effective, positive, alternative approach to changing our world that is too often consumed with attempting to make things better by focusing on what is wrong instead of what is right.”

                                                                                                                                                 Sam S., Design Engineer, Gentex Corporation

“Thank you! For me, the appreciative leadership training has made a difference in all areas of my life. From appreciating my staff members for doing all that they do. To my family for always being there to support me. From the blue sky, and beautiful flowers outside. Especially having air conditioning  the last few days. The other day I was driving in my car and I was thinking I am so lucky to have a job I love, a roof over my head, and a car that I can get in and travel anywhere I want to go. So I guess you can say, I have been awakened and I choose to be a butterfly!  Thank you Tenny for helping me to be so appreciative!”  
Tina Hopka,  Manager, Orange County Child Abuse Prevention Center

The Appreciate Leadership workshop provided tools and resources that I hadn’t encountered elsewhere and that I was immediately able to put to use. The use of a discovery approach, combining exercises in self-reflection with a solid overview of fundamentals and concrete techniques, helps participants to articulate a leadership aspiration that will be both effective and personally appropriate. The facilitators are able draw from their deep backgrounds and experience to enrich the workshop with real-world examples and provide personalized guidance.


What can I say? Wow, Wow, WOW! I have just spent the most wonderful three days with you, immersed in positivity and opportunities to shine! I am so inspired and full of energy, looking forward to each new day beginning with the intention of “celebrating what’s right with the world”. I cannot begin to thank you for the wealth of realness and optimism you shared – it was absolutely contagious! You are just wonderful, & I wish you all the best. Thank you!


She is a highly experienced and skilled HR executive, a results oriented Appreciative Inquiry consultant and a masterful executive educator.”


I highly recommend Tenny Poole and Tracey Jedd’s Appreciative Leadership program. This interactive session equips Leaders to critically evaluate their own effectiveness as it relates to inspiring employees and will give you the practical tools necessary to create a culture of collaboration. This is by far one of the best leadership training I’ve attended in a while. Thank you to Tenny and Tracey for making this such a positive and informative journey. I enjoyed every aspect of the program and look forward to your developing an Advanced Appreciative Leadership session.


” I was introduced to Appreciative Insight through “The Power of Appreciative Inquiry Workshop” (August 17-19, 2016).  The concepts and practices of AI resonated deeply with me, as did the recognition that a mind-shift would be required to embrace it. My desire to learn more inspired the creation of a small advisory AI group intended to help us practice AI.  All of us were deeply influenced by Tenny’s thought leadership and support.

The transformation continued in “Build High Performance with Appreciative Insight”.  Tenny’s practical guidance through the application of AI to leadership practice, enhanced by the creative engagement she facilitated in the group process brought AI to life.  Weaving Appreciative Insight philosophy into the practice of leadership with the intent to bring forward the genius in all of us allowed us to experience this creative and life-affirming process personally.  The experience continues to be transformational in the aftermath, both to the evolution of my practice of leadership and to my development – intellectually and spiritually.  Thank you so much Tenny for your professional and intensely personal investment in each of us.  Your capacity and willingness to give is awe-inspiring.”

            Irene Sarber, HR Executive