Participant Feedback for The Power of Appreciative Inquiry:  Theory and Practice


“This course makes AI come alive in practical and understandable ways that build energy, unleash the positive and open possibilities for change.  I wish I had taken this 3 years ago!  There is a great balance of content, reflection, discussion, etc.  that supports learning.  And most important, Tenny keeps the human being front and Center in every step of AI.  Thanks for a great class.”

Jeff Frank , HR Development Specialist, NASA Office of Human Capital Management

“The tools you learn in this workshop immediately impact the way you look at all aspects of your life both professionally and personally.  You cannot walk away without being a changed person.  Appreciative Inquiry is a powerful technology that will transform your life, the life of others and any organization, no matter the size!  Tenny and Ralph do a superior job in providing this training utilizing real life scenarios in order to understand how to implement the theory real time.  Having known Tenny prior to this workshop, I can confidently state that she is the very essence of Appreciative Inquiry – it is her way of being.  And after meeting Ralph, it is evident that he too, is ‘Appreciative Inquiry.'”  

        Renee Ascencio, CEO, HealthZone

“As I reflect on these sessions, I am energized by the potential of positive change on my organization. I have already begun to change my staff meeting to help reinforce the power of positive reinforcement. I even responded to a note today and focused on what I would like to see more of in the future rather than things that needed improvement.

In addition, I have applied these concepts in my meetings with my individual leaders. In doing so, I have given them some insight into the sessions and how I would like to challenge myself in creating a more positive work environment. Moreover, I have asked them to help me stay focused on their strengths as well as the strengths of the organization.

I went into these sessions thinking that this was another “typical” class that we will spend some time on and then create a file about the subject. However, I not creating a file but really taking the philosophies of this work and building upon them each day. More to come!”    

Dan Coleman, General Manager

“Tenny and Ralph, What a wonderful experience it was to participate in the Power of Appreciate Inquiry workshop this past August. Having used AI in my work since 2004, this has been a long time coming. I loved starting with the theory to lay the foundation, then moving into practical application and the formal process for how to leverage AI with clients. The 4-D model makes it clear how effective this approach can be….focusing on strengths and what’s working gets people engaged and will bring out their best. This philosophy truly is a catalyst for positive change. I’ve already been applying what I livened over the 3-day workshop into my personal life to manage a significant career transition. I’ve also used this philosophy and model as the foundation for a current proposal I am working on. In fact, what opened the door to this particular opportunity was the appreciative language I was using in a discussion with the organization’s CEO. She was so inspired by the words, ideas, and approach that she said “we need that (AI) in our organization.” Within 1 week we were calendared to meet, and a proposal was immediately requested upon closing out that meeting. I look forward to sharing AI with this organization and many more to come. Thank you for this gift.”

Andrea Espy   Principal, Andrea Espy Consulting