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Build High Performance with Appreciative Leadership

April 11, 2018
Hampton Inn, 2720 Hotel Terrace, Santa Ana, CA http://westcoast.positivechange.org/pec-events/build-high-performance-with-appreciative-leadership/


Individuals $650.00

Dates: April 11 -13, 2018
Day 1: 1:00pm - 5:30pm
Day 2: 8:30am - 5:00pm
Day 3: 8:30am - 12:30pm

Location: Hampton Inn
2720 Hotel Terrace, Santa Ana, CA

Prerequisites: None

FacultyTenny Poole
Contact: For more Information, email Tenny or
call (714) 318-1106

Cost: $650.00
Price Includes:
Snacks, Continental Breakfast on Thursday & Friday, and Lunch on Thursday. Parking is free.

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The Certificate program is a comprehensive development program that gives you the knowledge, skills and experience you need to design and facilitate Appreciative Inquiry initiatives in organizations and communities.

Benefits of Participation:

  • Learn from actual cases how to apply AI to initiatives of any size, length and complexity
  • Structure and develop results-focused processes to “back-home” engagements
  • Refine skills in a pragmatic, practitioner-oriented environment, facilitated by highly seasoned, pioneering consultants
  • Self-paced program, with global options for participation
  • Participation in an international community of experienced AI practitioners, enabling sharing and support, exploration of new frontiers, and exchange of resources.

Program Requirements:

A Certificate is awarded when you complete the following CPC courses:

  • The Power of Appreciative Inquiry (formerly known as the Foundations of Appreciative Inquiry). Learn the basic principles and practices of AI, along with how to apply them for positive results in multiple arenas. Plan your own AI initiative.
  • Appreciative Leadership Development Program©: Discover the best of who you are as a leader through appreciative feedback, one-on-one coaching and personal reflection. Find your leadership path forward, and identify the resources you need to achieve your dreams.
  • Applications of Appreciative Inquiry: Explore the applications of AI from a four-hour session to a multi-day initiative. Identify key success criteria and acquire tools to achieve success.
  • Appreciative Inquiry Summit (online workshop): Lean to design and facilitate large, multi-day meetings (150 to 5000 people) using a radically engaging Appreciative Inquiry 4-D process.

Certificate Program Costs:

The Power of Appreciative Inquiry (formerly known as the Foundations of Appreciative Inquiry). ** $1,800.00
Appreciative Leadership Development Program©: $1,800.00
Applications of Appreciative Inquiry: $1,450.00
Appreciative Inquiry Summit (online workshop): $1,450.00

 *Early bird, non-profit, group and student discounts are available for most workshops.

**Discounts may be available for graduates of a comparable introductory workshop.

Program Schedule:

To receive the Certificate, you must complete the program’s requirements within three years of enrollments. You may join the Certificate Program at any time, and apply previously completed workshops towards the requirements.



Testimonials from our Graduates:

“CPC’s Certificate Program materials and trainers are outstanding, and what I’ve learned has helped mold me into the unique individual and consultant that I am. Just as important, my involvement with CPC and the Certificate Program has allowed me to extend my community of practice. I now feel grounded in a community of like-minded souls.”

Bill Scott, Principle
Elpis Consulting

“Appreciative Inquiry and the Practice of Positive Change has been most rewarding. We would not have been able to help our organization to the extent we have, had we not been part of this community, and able to regularly check in and ask specific, practice-based questions along the way.”

Julie Stockton, Director, Human Resources
Organization Development and Learning
University of British Columbia

In Praise of the Coaching Calls:

“The certificate program conference call adds another layer of learning to my practice of Appreciative Inquiry. I enjoy digging deeper into my own questions, and hearing more about how AI can be applied in venues differing from my own stimulates me to imagine how I might apply it in the future. It is like having a mini practice consultation, but free! Very good use of my time.”

Chris Sansone, CPCC, Ph.D.
Boulder, CO

“The Certificate Program’s quarterly practice-sharing calls provide a venue for us to reflect on and offer counsel on one another’s projects, find courage in the shared wisdom of others, and broaden and deepen our understanding of this marvellous work. There is no need for each of us to “reinvent the wheel” – the shared experiences of the growing AI community, under the watchful and encouraging eye of CPC mentors, provides us all an opportunity to enhance our AI knowledge and consultation skills together.”

Paul S. Nahirney, MSW, CFRE
Edmonton, Ontario