Participant Feedback for Appreciative Coaching


“This workshop was extraordinary in so many ways.  There was a great balance between content and hands-on real plays, followed by appreciative and supportive practice.”  

John Glaza, Glaza Consulting

 “This workshop has helped me deepen my practice in AI and it’s applications in coaching.  The group was amazing and together with the effort of Tenny and Maura, the sharing and learning were deep and touched everybody’s heart.”

                                                                                                                   Dorothy Tsui, Principal, Hong Kong Center for Positive Change

“A journey of deep learning, reflection, and shared practice and community.  I have deepened my awareness of my strengths and will be able to make my practice better and move forward.”

Vivian Clecak, Leadership Coach and Consultant

“The workshop helped me to refocus my coaching back into a more mindlfully appreciative approach.  I now plan to go back and introduce appreciative inquiry practices in a more purposeful way; creating space, appreciating the whole person, spotlighting strengths, and helping my clients recognize these High Performance Patterns to build their self awareness and self confidence.  Thank you for reopening that space for me!”

                                                                                                                                                                      Rori Baron, VP, Human Capital